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Detox Retreat Rishikesh

Kundalini Yoga Retreat 2016-17 Highlights


  1. Daily 2 kundalini yoga sessions.
  2. Yogic Cleaning to purify the body and mind.
  3. Health consultation by registered Ayurveda Doctor (Vaidya).
  4. Scenic views of Himalayan foothills and  waterfalls  with in few km  from  the center.
  5. Meals prepared with fresh, vegetables and fruits.
  6. Sacred temple near by retreat for spiritual practice.
  7. Three nutritious  yogic meals diet a day to re-energize you throughout the day.
  8. 6 Days and 7 nights accommodation.
Kundalini Yoga Retreat: 2016-17
Yoga Retreat in 2016

  • 5 Sep to 10 Sep
  • 3 Oct to 8 Oct
  • 7 Nov to 12 Nov
  • 5 Dec to 10 Dec

Yoga Retreat in 2017

  • 2 Jan to 7 Jan
  • 6 Feb to 11 Feb
  • 6 March to 11 March

Braham Yoga Course Calendar 2016-17

Kundalini Yoga Retreat, Reiki Courses, Reflexology Courses, Holistic Massage Courses and Marma Therapy courses.

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How We're  Different

Personalized Teaching

Unlike other training with 50-100+ students, we limit our programs at 20 students so you’ll have more possibilities for responses, queries, and most significantly time to practice training.

Experienced Guru

Braham Yoga and Holistic Healing has a distinguished core faculty of internationally recognized teachers and yoga practitioners who are engaged in Yoga from last so many years.


We are a family of yoga gurus, holistic healers and students, of over 50 nationalities. You have the opportunity to benefit from their practical experience and build your knowledge beyond classroom.

Braham Yoga and Holistic Healing Testimonials

Thank you so much ! Your energy is beautiful to be in your presence, listen to your stories is truely amazing. Just these few sittings with you already changed my mind/thoughts/life. I hope you continue to help many people with your gifts. I will see you next year. Keep Smiling.  
Kelly Baker ,
This was a great place to do my reiki masters. Deepak talked more in depth about it than other attunements. thank you.
Kate Thomas,
I work as a counsellor and therapist at a psychiatric clinic in Sweden. I had an introduction course to Yoga, Meditation, Regression and Reiki guided by Dee peck and Rakesh at this place. I have got a lot of benefits of my education in treatment of my patients and I am very happy about it.
She Ri ,
I just finished courses in Ayurvedic theory, holistic massage & Tantra yoga and I recommend to all! Separate teachers for every subject, each an expert in her/his field. Amazing energy, good training and special treatment of the student. Thank you Deepak, Rakesh, Dr. Pooja & Saroj for an incredible experience! I hope to come again soon!
Gil Huberman,